A community website for Mount & Blade: Warband - Napoleonic Wars.

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We are a gaming community created in spring 2015, based on the development of public napoleonic game servers, open to everyone as long as the laws and rules that we established are respected. Our administrators come from different countries and regiments if they do have one. They are chosen amongst our most active players. We believe that public game servers should not be used to feed one regiment in perticular. Unlike some other servers, we insist on the respect of other players as well as of a set of rules. Game servers should not be lawless places where normal players would suffer from the behaviour of a minority. Players contribute to the success of our servers, that's why we are also demanding towards our game admins.


In fall 2014, the Minisiege server was created on the game M&B Warband: Napoleonic Wars. In 2015, the EU_Commander server was created and the admin teams joined efforts, giving birth to the Napoleonic Wars Public community.