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How to fill an unban request

Fri Mar 15, 2019 1:50 pm

Word of advice
Before applying for an unban, please try to remember if you were temporary banned or permanently banned. 
Temporary bans last one hour since you were banned, after which you can rejoin the server again.
This thread is dedicated only to those who have been permanently banned.
Note that you should never ask us or in any way try to spam/bump your unban request. We have seen your request and will inspect it all in good time. We do not need to be reminded. Spamming and bumping your request will have an negative effect on the whole process.

Open a new thread. Include your in-game name along with "Unban" in the title and fill the form. You will have to write a public apology. If your apology isn't convincing, we won't unban you. Please use the template provided in the textfield, when creating your new unban post.
Bans randomly innocent players when in bad mood.

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