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Re: Server Rules

Mon Aug 05, 2019 1:15 pm

These rules are there here for people to follow. If you break them purposely you will be punished. But if it was an accident we'll usually let you off. 

1. RDM Rules

a. Attempted RDM also counts as RDM
b. If a Traitor kills another Traitor (2 slays)
c. Innocent kills an Innocent (1 slay)
d. Innocent kills a Detective (2 slays)
e. Innocent kills a Traitor with no proof (2 slays)
f. Detective kills an Innocent (1 slay)
g. Detective kills a Detective (2 slays)
h. Don't kill AFKs, not even in overtime! (Traitors can)
i. If there is a complete misunderstanding between players, keep in mind that the player will not always be slain.

i. Prop killing counts as RDM. Prop pushing is also KOSable, but only if you're near a ledge or you get hurt.
j. Do not place props at the bottom of ladders or portals as this can kill people.
This is RDM and doing so is KOSable.
k. Throwing A discombobulator is allowed, but is Traitorous if thrown in a place where it can push someone of a high part of the map, resulting in their death.
l. If you know that someone is a Traitor and want to kill them, call a KOS on them first, if you do call a KOS and then kill the suspect, the other players will have to wait for you to ID the body, and make their decision of killing you, based on whether the person is a Traitor or not. If you do not call a KOS on the suspect, you are performing traitorous acts, this might result in you being killed.
m. Throwing an Incendiary Grenade Is KOSable, but only if it hurts someone.
n. Opening the T door and letting innocents into the T room is slayable as it ruins the round for other Traitors.
o. You can't randomly shoot people with a Golden Deagle.
p. Killing people as a prop when dead is against the rules and will result in a slay.(edited)

2. Chat Rules:

a. Everyone can have a joke but don't let it go too far.
b. Mic spam is determined as follows: Playing music over the mic, making loud or needless noises repetitively and leaving your in game mic turned on (holding down the mic, key).
c. Mic Spam:
- First and second time you will be gagged.
- Third time you will be kicked.
- Fourth time, you will be banned.

d. Chat Spam:
- First and second time you will be muted.
- Third time you will be kicked.
- Fourth time you will be banned.

e. If you name is full of symbols please change it. (You will be kicked if you don't change your name.) Your name must contain at least 3, 7-bit ASCII[i.imgur.com] characters in a row. 
f. False KOS - If you falsely KOS someone and they get killed. You will be slain.
g. If you advertise another server or tell people to join another one you will be banned.
i. You can only speak and type in English. Any other language will result in gag, mute or kick.
j. You can KOS in either chat or voice, but you can't use the voice chat kos as evidence in a report unless other people heard it too.
k. No extreme racism or the 'n' word. You will be gagged.
l. You can talk about politics; but you will be gagged if you argue about it.
m. You can't KOS on skins! Multiple people might have that skin!
n. Don't openly slander the server.
o. You cannot use voicechangers. You will be gagged until you remove them.
p. If you using a T weapon, you must warn your fellow T buddies using chat if it is near them or could potentially damage them. This also applies for door/prop blocking, the player must be warned in chat

3. Meta-Gaming:

a. Meta-Gaming is not allowed for example ("Spell Innocent Backwards!")
b. Innocents cannot KOS you for not getting tested whereas detectives can. 
c. Detectives can stop people from using a health station by using deadly force.
d. Destroying a traitor tester, or attempting to, is KOSable.
e. Basically doing anything in aid of the Traitors is KOSable.
f. No teaming with traitors or killing Innocents for them. If you know that they're a Traitor, kill them.
g. If you ghost, you will be banned! (1 week). You can talk via things like Discord or Skype etc. Ghosting is when someone who is dead tells someone, who is alive, who the traitor is; where the traitor is etc. If someone says that they're a T in the private chat, you can kill them as it's just another form of communication.
h. Not identifying a body is KOSable, it is your responsibility to ID the body. If you don't you might be KOSd!
i. Life checks are allowed, but only detectives can call them.
j. Prop surfing is allowed but don't go to unreachable places.
k. If you cause the server to crash you will be banned.
l. If you have an addon that changes the weapons skins or the lighting on a map. You will be kicked if we find out. If you don't remove it after the kick you will be banned. It can create an unfair disadvantage for others in a game.
n. As Detective, if you place turrets in a place where it blocks a door/hallway/room from players getting in, players DO have permission to destroy them to get past.

4. T-Baiting:

a. T-Baiting is not allowed, it will be your fault if you get killed.
b. Traitor Baiting is doing anything that a Traitor would normally do eg:
c. Shooting Towards People
d. Saying that you're a Traitor
e. Saying that you're going to kill someone.
f. Trying to push people off of the edge of a building.
g. Carrying an explosive barrel into a group of people or following someone with an explosive barrel (although you need to warn them and give then at least 5 seconds to leave after the warning) is KOSable. However just carrying one around is not.

5. Room Claiming:

a. Room claiming is not allowed and is KOSable, unless you are the Detective, in such you may claim the Detective room and order people out should they enter without permission.
b. You can't KOS someone for following you.
c. Door/hallway blocking is not allowed, expect to be killed. (You have to give a fair warning of at least 5 seconds before you kill them.)
e. Do not place props under doors as it can cause stress on the server and cause props to kill people. You will be slain if you do this.

6. Map Rules
If you do any of these, you will be teleported at first and then slain if you continue.

a.ttt_community_pool - Do not prop-climb to get into the roof of the lobby.
c.ttt_rooftops_2016_v1 - Destroying any bridge is KOSable, as well as placing the explosive devices on the collapsible building.
d.ttt_67thway_v14 - Putting any prop in the teleporters, causing people to get stuck, will result in a slay.

9. Other

a. Any form of anti-cheat prevention will result in a ban.
b. No cheating or exploiting anything on the server. If you find an exploit please report it to a member of staff.
c. Not all ban times will be the same. It can vary for many reasons. For example if you've already been banned, your next ban time will be longer.
d. As a detective you cannot set everybody to kill. This causes mass RDM and you'll be kicked straight away. 
e.To class a player as a ‘troll’, they have to be doing a minimum of 3 of these things:
Being slain multiple times per map.
Constantly Mic spamming or chat spamming.
Intentionally annoying or upsetting other players.
Abusing the staff.
False reporting.
If you are trolling you will be banned.

And also, please don't lie in your reports, we can check the logs.

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