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Unban Request - Hansel

Sun May 07, 2017 8:50 pm

Your ingame name: Hansel
GUID (optional): N/a
Date and hour of your ban (UTC/GMT): 07/05/2017 8:00~
Reason for your ban: Arguing with an admin (Diamond)
Write your apology:
The following quote is from Hansel, "I am very sorry for the actions that I have done as of recent. I believe I was being targeted by Diamond, but I understand some of what he has done, but not most. The primary thing I can't understand is when he temp banned me for killing him whilst looking 'for bugs', even though he was killing me. I was not provided with any information with this ban either, and would like to know, as I was only playing the game when Futui put in the chat out blue 'Do you want another ban' or something along those lines."
I am sorry for anything that has happened. 
- Gretel
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Re: Unban Request - Hansel

Sun May 07, 2017 8:56 pm

Heyo there,

Player name:  last nickname - Suggest_like_a_diamond
His crime: Requested by Diamond on forum - Provoke, insultings
Date and hour (UTC):  20:39
Additional comment (optional): ID: 1295667

([77y] HighLord: if there is a ban request on someone feel free to go for it
[77y] HighLord: and say requested)

 20:35:38 - [Suggest_like_a_diamond] admin aboose
 20:36:24 - [12th_MP_Col_Futui] Hansel be care, you can be banned. (About Diamond Request)
 20:36:31 - [Suggest_like_a_diamond] ahahahhaha
 20:36:38 - [Suggest_like_a_diamond] just back from a ban so......
 20:37:10 - [Suggest_like_a_diamond] ahhahahah i have been perma banned three times
20:37:21 - [12th_MP_Col_Futui] You wanna be perma banned again?))
20:37:35 - [Suggest_like_a_diamond] fourth would be nice

Player name: Bob (ID: 1295667)
His crime: Trolling, bigotry, constantly insulting.
Date & Hour: Now
Additional comment: About 2 months ago, I temporary banned him because he didn't let me check the glitch on one map. I asked them not to attack me for a few minutes and all enemies respected that except for him. He left the walls 3 times just to kill me, thus, preventing me to check that glitch. I just temporary banned him then, and then he cried about that for last 2 months. HighLord and few more admins know this, because I told them both about glitch and his ban. Then when he came back to server, he started harassing me about that ban. Eventually he stopped, after about 2 weeks. Now he started it again, calling me names like cunt, shit etc.

18:34:02 - [Bob] diamond scum
18:34:10 - [32nd_Rfl_Diamond63] Stop insulting 
18:34:15 - [Bob] hahahahah

Also, I think Bethrezen or Thompson also said that he is known troller hansel. He is changing names, so far, I have confirmed these ones bellow. He is trolling people when no one is watching. Some people were complaining about 333rd yesterday, but when I came to check, he stopped, so I let it slip.

23:47:10 - 333rd_this_is_cancer has joined the game with ID: 1295667
21:41:35 - hansel_the_bambi has left the game with ID: 1295667
13:36:36 - hansel_im_so_an_admin has joined the game with ID: 1295667 
17:02:36 - 333rd_vote_for_admin_2017 has joined the game with ID: 1295667 
18:12:21 - hansel has joined the game with ID: 1295667 
01:46:45 - minad has left the game with ID: 1295667
18:26:53 - Gretelllllllllllllllllllllll has joined the game with ID: 1295667
18:04:28 - Noobking_bullshit_4_life has joined the game with ID: 1295667 
20:41:14 - 333rd_minad has left the game with ID: 1295667 
21:10:24 - 300_ping_killing_machine has joined the game with ID: 1295667
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Re: Unban Request - Hansel

Sun May 07, 2017 9:01 pm

I would like to say (since my name appears along the lines) that I have never seen Hansel troll. Can't speak about what he did when I wasn't online.
He did argue with 32nd_Rfl_Diamond63 about a temporary ban. Maybe solving that old issue would also solve this newer one and avoid any future ones.
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Re: Unban Request - Hansel

Sun May 07, 2017 9:12 pm

I wouldn't expect unban so soon, he literally asked for permanent ban, as logs from Futui say so, which is a little arrogant if you ask me.

As for me, I have no issue with the guy, but since he keeps pestering me about some temporary ban from 2 months ago and insulting me, I will not let it slide so soon. And yesterday some people were complaining about him trolling arty, so one more reason not to unban him so soon. People were banned forever for less, so I would suggest to bump this thread after few months, so maybe he will learn not to behave like a child during that period of time.

That's all I have to say. Evening lads.
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Re: Unban Request - Hansel

Sun May 07, 2017 9:26 pm

Sorry but due to earlier violations, many previous permanent bans on Minisiege and thus not being able to follow the simple server rules given and also promoting lack in improving. You therefore will now remain permanently banned from Minisiege. Any further topics discussing this, will be removed. Case closed. 

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