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Wed Jul 12, 2017 3:59 am

Dear Admins:

I really love your server and it has alwas been my favourite siege server. But since the moment when you disabled the use of planks it has not been the same.

I love to play as a sapper and planks were the best part of it. Banning them were a big mistake in my humble opinion. They could be used in many different situations: blocking, connecting different spots, fixing broken bridges... Since then the imagination and creativity that goes along playing as a sapper is gone. The other stuff is not as useful as planks, and playing as a sapper is way less interesting.

I suppose that the reason why you disabled them was because in some maps we abused of it, making it hard for the attackers. But as I was creative enough to place planks in certain spots or in certain ways to make things really hard for the attackers, also the attackers could get creative and do something to overcome it. I received a lot of complaints and insults from attacking players sometimes because of my planks, and when I tried to switch teams to see if it was that hard to destroy my own work, I realized that it was really easy. You just had to use the explosive boxes to destroy them. That was it. Not hard at all.

So please, if you could allow the use of planks again, that would be great. It made the game way more interesting. It has been a long time, now it is the moment to bring them back.

Thank you in advance and sorry if my english is not great. Have a nice summer!
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Re: Planks

Fri Jul 21, 2017 8:58 am

One of the main issues is that not all maps alow for explosives due to the high amount of destructible props which when damaged cause lag on the server, it also breaks some of the maps where its designed for arty to get a breach. Planks are the cheapest prop to place where as explosives are not, meaning 3 planks are more effient than 1 explosive meaning the defenders can spam then all they want as long as they use less bp than the attackers. I miss planks too but for now they will remain disabled and players have found other ways to imaginatively use the other props.

Also planks span in with full heath and are the only spawn able sapper prop to do so making them over powered when quickly fixing defences.

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