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Server Rules

Wed Jan 31, 2018 1:49 pm

Rule 1: Line infantry is not allowed to spread (F2-F6 command)
·         Grenzers, Russian Line Militia and Freikorps are now considered as Light infantry and are allowed to spread. All cavalry units and artillery are allowed to spread too.
·         Light infantry and skirmishers (jaegers/riflemen) are allowed to spread only 1 time if they are in 1 rank (row).
Rule 2: Ramboing is not allowed for both cavalry and infantry.
·         Cavalry ramboing: Means going away from your unit and attacking the enemy by yourself. If you had charged with your men, and all of them were killed, you are allowed to keep fighting on the horse, but when the charge ends you must dismount and join friendly line. If you engage again after the charge had ended, that will be considered as ramboing.
·         Infantry ramboing: Means the same as cavalry ramboing, with the few exceptions. If you have men alive and tell them to hold their position and fire, while you yourself are charging in melee, that is considered ramboing. If however, you lost all your men and you are far away from friendly lines, you can charge the enemy, but in that case, you are not allowed to stop and reload.
Rule 3: Lone cavalry commanders has to dismount and join friendly line.
·         If you are cavalry and lost all your men, you have to dismount and join friendly line. Joining another cavalry unit is not allowed.
·         If however you have bots, but they are not mounted, you have to dismount. (you can  give your horse to one of your bots, but you yourself must dismount in this case)
Rule 4: Screening/Distracting enemy lines is not allowed.
·         Means that if you go to the enemy flank without your unit will make the enemy line aiming at you and thus distracting them from aiming at much more important enemy.
Rule 5: Extremism and bad behavior are not allowed. That includes:
·         Extremist names like Hitler and his nazi associates,
·         Insulting and bigoted names,
·         Insulting other players on national basis or in any other way.
Rule 6: One recruitment message per regiment per round is allowed.

If you have any questions about the rules feel free to contact the Head Admin or Senior Admins, whose steam links will be posted below:

Head Admin: Black Knight
Senior Admins: 

If you have a problem with specific rule post your complaint here: Rules Complaints


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