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Tips & Tricks

Posted: Sat Feb 10, 2018 2:50 pm
by [32nd]Diamond63
Hello everyone!

Playing Commander Battle can be a bit overwhelming for a new people, so here are some tips for the beginners:

1. Try to use "Fire at my command" order when you spawn (press F3, F2) or swap them to melee mode (F4, F1), so your bots don't randomly fire and aim at the enemy while you are moving. In order to return the men to firing mode, press F4, F4.

2. When you are charging, put your men into melee mode (F4,F1)

3. Position your men on the specific spot by holding F1 (little flag will show) then releasing it on the spot you choose. This
way you won't have to walk all the way to that spot and press F1,F1 to hold them there.

4. If you're about the get charged by a cavalry, it is recommended to put your men into 5 rows (F2, F5) and into melee mode (F4, F1).

5. Light infantry, Riflemen/Jaegers and cavalry can spread, so use that. Press F2, F6 to spread and F2, F7 to stand closer if you get charged by a cavalry (combine this with 5 rows command).

6. If your bots aren't responding to orders, press 0 then try again.

If you wish to learn more about specific tactics for playing Commander Battle, feel free to check this guide, made by Ed112.