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Props settings

Sun Mar 20, 2016 4:28 am

Wall settings

var1 = window spawn setting; 
1= Rich type glass 
2 = Broken normal type glass 
3 = Broken rich type glass 
4 = Don't spawn any window, 
All else normal glass type is spawned. 

var2 = linkage with cannon; choose a identity between 1 and 127, any cannons with that same identity will be deleted when reaching critical prop destruction.

Add one of those props to your map to control the weather.

mm_weather_time: Choose the time of the day in Var 1 (between 0 and 23). Actually you can only pick between day, night and sunset.
mm_weather_rain: Var 1 will let you choose between rain or snow (1 = rain, 2 = snow), and var 2 will allow you to choose the quantity (0-100).
mm_weather_clouds: Var 1 (between 0 and 100) will configure the number of clouds. The default value is 30. You can't actually select the exact amount of clouds that you want. If you set it to 100, you will have a cloudy sky with a slight amount of fog and, sometimes, a bit of rain.
mm_weather_thunder: Var 1 will let you choose between thunder only (1) or thunder plus lightning (2).
mm_weather_fog: Var 1 will let you configure the distance of the fog (0-127). The lower the value, the more fog you will have.
mm_weather_wind: Var 1 will let you select the amount of wind effect on flora (0-100). Default value is 14. Var 2 does the same with water. So basically if you want less waves, set a number lower than 14.

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