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Minisiege updates - 14/02/2018

Wed Feb 14, 2018 10:13 am

Minisiege updates - 14/02/2018:

Script changes:
  • Custom chat commands (use the O key to bring this chat box up)
         - All these commands will start with a "/" key, if not it will output your message into the all chat.
         - "/admins" - Will display admins currently online
         - "/bps" - Will display build points for both teams
  • Cheer animation for everyone, this is attached to the B key
  • Admin skins are re-added. These skins (not admin ones, ofc) will be available for players at some stage via the leaderboard positions. Will keep you posted on this.

Map changes:
  • Custom map 16, changed attacking mortar with a cannon, added extra defences for defenders, added an extra forward defending cannon
  • Custom map 2 (Desert village), removed from rotation and is now an out-of-rotation map / on break from rotation. 
  • Custom map 13 (small outpost), added into rotation to replace map 2.
  •  Avignon, added more defences around the flag (small wodden walls to make it harder for attackers)

Thanks to Kruse, Aztir and Caesim for these updates! Any issues or suggestions feel free to contact me on steam here or comment below:


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