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How to apply for adminship and more

Sat Sep 10, 2016 1:35 pm

Apply only if you are a regular and active player on the server you are applying for.

To apply for adminship on one of our servers, start a new topic/thread in the correct sub-forum (either Minisiege or EU Commander) and fill out the form thoroughly that will be displayed and post it. 

Be sure to answer all questions (mandatory) even though you might not be able to. In cases like this, write something along the lines of "unable to answer" or "none" etc. Do not leave questions unanswered (blanks). 

Use a title on your topic/thread that tells us your name and which server you apply to, for example, if you apply to Minisiege use your own name and the text "Minisiege admin application" in the title etc.

To locate your GUID (Unique game user identification number) be sure to join EU Commander in-game and memorize/make a note of the ID number the server displays in chat for you.

Vouchers are close or distant persons/friends who can back up your application and give your application more credibility. We encourage these vouchers to post/reply on the application topic.  

We also encourage the opposite: if someone wants to give information on why the person shouldn't be accepted to the admin team. 

Do not ask us to check your application. We have seen your application and will inspect it all in good time. We do not need to be reminded. Spamming and bumping your application will have an negative effect on your application process.

Admin applications posted in the wrong sub-forum/place will automatically be declined and removed. 

If you need further help, don't hesitate and contact us! 

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