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Small request, some suggestions..

Sun Mar 11, 2018 2:13 pm

Hi guys, first of all, want to thank you all for this server and the gameplay it provides.

I do have a small request, if you could take it into consideration. It's about friendly fire concerning horses. As a cav player, an often and frustrating way of loosing your horse inside a thick melee is swinging at enemy inf, and having that swing accidentally cut a friendly bot horse, causing your horse to die/loose hp. Is it possible to turn off friendly fire to such a specific case, or maybe at least have it so that friendly fire does full damage, but no damage to your own horse?

As for suggestion, just thought it would be cool if there could be a engineering support class unit, that can build sandbags, or anti-charge obstacles etc.. Could add some interesting dynamics to the existing maps.

Thanks for reading,

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Re: Small request, some suggestions..

Wed Mar 14, 2018 10:51 am

Hey Rambro, I just read your post and I must say you had really nice suggestions there. Maby these things could be done. We will need to discuss this with our script maker Kanade, and see if any of this is even possible to implement. If any of this is done we will let you know in this thread and it will be added to our list of new stuff on the server that needs to be done.

We will definitely stay in touch. Thank you for taking time and effort to make our server even greater. 
Have a nice day

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