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Ban Request for Napoleon

Wed Nov 28, 2018 10:54 pm

Name of the offender : Napoleon
Your ingame name (optional) : Captain_FurPaws
Date and hour (UTC/GMT) : UTC/GMT +1 - About 22h30
His crime : Blocking arty
Evidence : https://www.zupimages.net/up/18/48/qker.jpg
Additional comments : I didn't take more pictures, but he was claming that his units couldn't move, that they were bugging (but hid did put his unit infront of 2 arty right at the start).
I forgot who the other arty was, but you can ask 6exa, he did tell "Napoleon" to stop blocking arty, wich he didn' say anything. Also, he ignored my says when I told him a lot in the begining to move away.
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Re: Ban Request for Napoleon

Thu Nov 29, 2018 7:48 pm

Hello Captain_FurPaws,

after rechecking the logs the situation seems to be clear for me. You´re right- the player in question blocked 6exa´s arty. But he replied that he wasn´t able to command his men and because of that couldn´t leave his position. After 6exa gave him the commands to select his bots again he was thankful and the situation was solved.
Always remember please that we have new players on our server every day and they often only need a bit help and a bit understanding if they probably have problems with keys or don´t fully understand a rule. So you can help to make them good players. I´m sorry that there wasn´t a game admin online at that point to support you guys with that.

But regarding the player: There was not any issue after that and so this ban request has to be denied.

Thanks for your effort to inform us and to keep the server clean.
See you on the battlefield.

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