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Server Suggestion - Surgeons

Mon Feb 18, 2019 1:47 pm

First off, I'm not too sure if this has been brought up or mentioned before or even if people like it or not.

This idea came to me when thinking about the newest updates to the NW DLC, which specifically was to do with surgeons and their clear ability to either heal people fully or to a certain percent such as 3/4 of the way. My suggestion is that considering the server tries to use all the troops it can, such as Line, Lights, Cav, Rifles, Arty, Musicians, Sappers. Surgeons (From what I know of) are not used in any way, whether this is because it isn't possible (If so that's a shame) or people just don't like the idea of being healed. So do people think that implementing the use of surgeons to say like heal bots (If possible) or even just you as a player in a line when you are stationary and injured. This, in my opinion, would be a nice feature to add like with the Sappers and building mounds in front of the cannons automatically when you unlimber or they are destroyed by a cannonball.

In conclusion, if this isn't a possible script or function that can be made, then that's fair enough and is a shame but if it isn't something people like then also fair enough. Whereas if people do like this idea (Of course it's functionality can be limited, such as how much the bot can heal you and whether it heals you and the bots or just you, the officer) then would it be something that we could look to implement into the server?

Feel free to discuss this and ask any questions about the suggestion. :)
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Re: Server Suggestion - Surgeons

Fri May 17, 2019 10:51 am

HeIIo :)

I think the idea is reaIIy nice but the script wiII be a reaI probIem in my mind , for exampIe , your regiment is on 2 Iines , if your surgeon need to heaI someone , he wiII go front of your regiment and bIock your mens when they are firing , on many ocasion , probabIy the surgeon wiII get a shoot so at the end , not sure we can make this idea reaI on the server..

But other suggestion simiIar , if we can t put a surgeon by regiment , "maybe do a diferent script to make a outpost by team , it s reguIar map so need to make the add on each map , but i am thinking about just put a smaII farm with sand bag , a sapper bot inside buiIding the outpost and then many surgeon bot assigned on this area , when a regiment need to heaI his men , he can go on the middIe farm and aII surgeon wiII come to heaI them!"And then you go back to the front!

The script can be a reaI probIem to do , maybe a admin with good skiII on it can teII if it s possibIe or not.

Good day everyone

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