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Unban request

Wed Sep 18, 2019 6:34 pm

Dear friends of Napoleonic Wars, I am the player Bonapartista_Iberico:

Yesterday (18/09/2019, CET or UTC+1), I was banned in my favorite server MINISIEGE by Admin Bethrezen. It was a fair decision, I recognise my fails, because as a sapper I was building defenses in my team spawn zones and when other players of my team started to destroy it I started to figth with them.

It was soo fair. But I was banned PERMANENT and with no previous warning message. I think that point is very unfair. I think no player so be banned permanent because is like the dead penalty and peoople always can change with oportunities, in the games is the same, is a school of values too.

Please forgive my bad actions and talk to Admins: Betrayed, and Med he know me best), i promisse be good with my team and only fight against the enemy. I am a nice and friendly player all the time, more or lest, so tell me the way to get your forgiveness

I think a temporally ban is fair, of some weeks or months, but PERMANENT is unfair, I have hope in your understanding and you are not tyrants, please forgive me!

P.D. In a private message i sent you other technical data like my GUID

Best regards and sorry for the inconveniences.
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Re: Unban request

Thu Sep 19, 2019 10:00 am

It seems that you cannot follow simple rules like filling up an unban request form, nevermind following the server rules.
Even though you've had plenty of warnings before (6 slays), you still complain there was no warning before the perma ban.
You've trolled both rounds on that map, the first one you only escaped unpunished since I was afk and only came back during the last 30 seconds or so. Also, you didn't care about the other players complaining about you blocking the spawning area of the defenders.

Considering all of the above but taking into account that you took some of your time to apologise, you will remain banned only until the 3rd of October. Bump this thread on this date to be unbanned.
Senior Minisiege Admin
Senior Minisiege Admin
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Re: Unban request

Thu Oct 10, 2019 10:10 pm

Been a week since the unban request was due to be bumped. 

Unban Request Denied - Player will remain banned.
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