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Admin Complaint - Med

Mon Nov 04, 2019 9:26 pm


Your in-game name: 19th_Maj_El-Presidente
Your GUID: 60248
Your Steam URL: https://steamcommunity.com/id/nobomin/
Name of the admin: Med
What happened: 

In the following order, to the best of my memory:
  • Post a recruitment message on 1 round 
  • Begin talking to a guy who recognises me from 5/6 years ago about old reg, 54e
  • (Continue talking in next round where I'm 90% sure I did no recruitment shit)
  • New map, post no recruitment messages
  • Guy eventually asks 'do you have arty', so I posted some recruitment shit directed specifically at him (my website and steam url)
  • Got temp banned for no reason, with no warning
When did this happen: Probably from 20:45 GMT 04/11/2019
Proof (Screenshot, witness, logs):
Additional comments:

I know nothing will happen to him I just think this was a bit ridiculous/unfair. Frankly if someone asks to join my reg, if I then give my details, I don't consider that a message. I'm sure some reasonable admins would agree with me.

Even if you disagree, I'm 90% sure it's the first time I did it on that round so.
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Re: Admin Complaint - Med

Tue Nov 05, 2019 12:48 pm

Hi pres,

Talking with the guy after he asked about your reg is completely fine, although, personally, I would rather a regimental rep take the matter to Steam / private as soon as possible. It's a good way to avoid conflict on the server with admins regarding recruiting - As they can't see the other teams chat, for example.

Regarding the following round, yes the logs back this statement up:
20:55:41 - [19th_Maj_El-Presidente] We have infantry, artillery, cavalry and skirmisers atm  
20:55:46 - [19th_Maj_El-Presidente] We're about 50-60 guys
20:55:49 - [19th_Maj_El-Presidente] we had 55 yesterday
20:56:26 - [19th_Maj_El-Presidente] would you like to apply on our website to make it easier, it's quite informal  
20:56:28 - [19th_Maj_El-Presidente] or you can add me  
20:56:31 - [19th_Maj_El-Presidente] i don't lead the arty though
20:57:44 - [19th_Maj_El-Presidente] Apply at www.19thyorkshire.com to join then Astuque  
20:57:52 - [19th_Maj_El-Presidente] or add me on steam. [19th] El Presidente
So this is a fair point. The time of the ban, in my eyes, was not warrented as you were having a conversation with a player who was interested. So, I can only apologise about this and talk with the admin in question about the time of the ban and get their full side of the story etc.

Other incidents have been brought to my attention from the senior admins, with logs indicated below:
21:01:23 - [19th_Maj_El-Presidente] RECRUITMENT SPAM
21:01:25 - [19th_Maj_El-Presidente] INITIATE SPAM
21:01:29 - [19th_Maj_El-Presidente] MY REG HAS A GIRL JOIN US
21:01:33 - [19th_Maj_El-Presidente] add [19th] El Presidente  
21:01:37 - [19th_Maj_El-Presidente] I have 10 GCSEs too
21:01:54 - [19th_Maj_El-Presidente] I won a 2v20 in melee once  
21:01:59 - [19th_Maj_El-Presidente] You should join my reg
21:02:01 - [19th_Maj_El-Presidente] I can teach you power
21:04:25 - [16th_Capt_ArtOfKilling] Anyone interested to join the 16th regiment of foot ? We are a friendly community with 3 companies to choose from, that bring 5 years of experience!
21:04:45 - [19th_Maj_El-Presidente] No add me Kahk  
21:04:49 - [19th_Maj_El-Presidente] [19th] El Presidente
21:04:53 - [19th_Maj_El-Presidente] Remember Kahk  
21:04:55 - [19th_Maj_El-Presidente] We have a girl in our reg
21:05:16 - [19th_Maj_El-Presidente] Both of your regiments are worse than the 19th in melee
21:05:53 - [19th_Maj_El-Presidente] The 19th has the best recruitment video out of the 3 of us
21:05:58 - [19th_Maj_El-Presidente] Everyone go watch it
21:06:14 - [19th_Maj_El-Presidente] You've seen the 19th recruitment video
21:06:16 - [19th_Maj_El-Presidente] It's genius
21:06:40 - [19th_Maj_El-Presidente] Who gives a shit? Dude we are a troll reg that gets banned from every fucking event  
21:06:46 - [19th_Maj_El-Presidente] And yet we're better than 95% of regiments in this game
21:06:48 - [19th_Maj_El-Presidente] and bigger than them
21:06:54 - [19th_Maj_El-Presidente] you can't get better than that
21:19:41 - [19th_Maj_El-Presidente] Nobody wants to join my bad reg  
21:20:08 - [19th_Maj_El-Presidente] yes it's really bad  
21:20:21 - [19th_Maj_El-Presidente] someone please join out of sympathy  
21:20:44 - [19th_Maj_El-Presidente] it's very casual so we get banned from events for typing in global chat  
21:20:53 - [19th_Maj_El-Presidente] and because we are infinitely better than the host regiment  
21:38:53 - [19th_Maj_El-Presidente] Vegi how do you think I could get more recruits I've tried every trick in the book  
21:38:56 - [19th_Maj_El-Presidente] I told them we're a troll reg
21:38:59 - [19th_Maj_El-Presidente] I told them we're good at melee
21:39:01 - [19th_Maj_El-Presidente] we have girls
21:39:06 - [19th_Maj_El-Presidente] what else can i say
21:39:23 - [19th_Maj_El-Presidente] We play modded events, I told them this
Talking about your regiment isn't exactly frowned upon, infact I like regimental representatives on the server to talk with one another about their regiments and experiences in game. But, this is drawing a fine line in some areas between our rules about 1 message per regiment per round. Let me give an example below:
21:01:29 - [19th_Maj_El-Presidente] MY REG HAS A GIRL JOIN US
21:01:33 - [19th_Maj_El-Presidente] add [19th] El Presidente  
21:01:29 - [19th_Maj_El-Presidente] MY REG HAS A GIRL JOIN US, add [19th] El Presidente  
Also pls no drama in public channels on our Discord etc about it, I rather these things be kept between you and the person involved in private.

In conclusion, the temporary ban, at the time, was not really warrented. Please keep recruitment messages to 1 message, as stated above - Talk about your reg all you wish in-game, but in moderation and not something that can be interpreted as a recruitment message such as:
21:19:41 - [19th_Maj_El-Presidente] Nobody wants to join my bad reg  
21:20:08 - [19th_Maj_El-Presidente] yes it's really bad  
21:20:21 - [19th_Maj_El-Presidente] someone please join out of sympathy  
This can be used by itself, if they were in the 1 message e.g. "Nobody wants to join my bad reg , someone please join out of sympathy  "
 but not after already doing a message.

- Gretel

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